About Me

Hey guys, I’m Haleigh!

I am a Registered Nurse from Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I officially became a travel nurse in Fall 2018 and I am in love with the gypsy lifestyle. I travel nursed around Canada for about two years and completed seven contracts. It’s SO exciting to combine a career with a love of travelling and exploring beautiful Canada is the greatest advantage! I became a Gypsy Nurse Mentor in 2019 and I love sharing my knowledge and advice with fellow nurses! I recently “retired” from travel nursing and began a remote job for a private virtual clinic here in Canada and I am loving working from home! It’s a HUGE change but I am learning a ton and it’s giving me some stability which I have been lacking lately! My heart will always belong to travel nursing, though.

Feel free to follow along on all of my travel adventures! Even though I have slowed down on travelling lately, I have so much content to share with you about this exciting career! Blogging is an amazing way to look back on my travels and relive them. You can also follow me on Instagram @thetalesof.hales !