Day 4 in NYC- Brooklyn Bridge & Cancelled Flights

What a fun 3 days we have had!! Tonight we have to go home unfortunately but I think it’s time because if not, I will be poor soon! We woke up later this morning and picked up our breakfast downstairs. We took our time and packed up our stuff for checkout and stored it downstairs with the concierge as we don’t have to leave for the Airport until around 230. This morning we are going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!! It’s a gorgeous day today and I think it’s the perfect… Read More

Day 3 in NYC- Central Park & Broadway Show

We slept like babies last night! Yesterday was so busy and our feet are still sore! Today will be much more laid back and tonight is my Broadway show!!!!! I can’t even believe it’s finally happening! The weather says that it may rain this afternoon so we are going to do the museum in the afternoon instead because we might as well be inside at that time. So that means this morning we are going to Central Park!

Day 2 in NYC

We had a great sleep and woke up to sunshine! Today is going to be a busy day! We started it with grabbing our free breakfast in the lobby and heading back to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. Our goal for today is to own the subway system! We walked across the street to the subway station and purchased our subway passes which we will use all weekend. The stop we needed right beside the Rockefeller Center was closed so we got off at the closest stop which was… Read More

Empire State of Mind

New Yooooooorkkk!!!! As Alicia Keys would say, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…big lights will inspire you… and these streets will make you feel brand new! We shall see about that! How excited are we!!! The last big trip we took together was just over a year ago to Banff and it was amazing, even if my family ended up tagging along (it ended up being extremely fun and we had a great time with the 6 of us). We seem to have a thing for winter trips but that… Read More