South Dakota Road Trip

Hey guys! I finally convinced my boyfriend Andrew to take some summer holidays for once! We try to go to Dauphin, Manitoba every year for Country Fest with my parents so this year we decided to take a bit of a road trip through the states on our way to Dauphin! If you’ve been following my Instagram posts lately, you would have seen that we got a truck tent and we have been getting into camping recently! We are trying to be more adventurous and find some hobbies that we can enjoy… Read More

Solo Travel- Just Do It!!

Originally Written For The Gypsy Nurse As a travel nurse, I feel like it takes a specific person to choose this type of nursing career. If I were to stereotype travel nurses, I would say we are free spirits, flexible, always down for a new adventure and we love to travel in between our contracts. Often we are off for large chunks of time in between contracts at different times of the year…”funemployment” we call it. It’s rare if our spouses, family members or friends are off at the same time as… Read More

California Days #7, 8 & 9- Red Rock Canyon & Las Vegas

Hey guys! The last few days have been super busy but also relaxing after my long week of driving! I left Pahrump Monday morning and drove to Red Rock Canyon. This is the final leg of my trip! I was very happy to drop off my car and be done driving! I actually ended up driving right to Vegas and picked up my mom and her friend to bring to the canyon with me! 🙂 They joined me at my last two stops and then I gladly dropped off my car.

California Day #6- Death Valley National Park

What’s up guys!? Today I am headed back to the hot desert to visit a really neat National Park known for being the hottest place on EARTH ever recorded! It’s also the lowest point below sea level in North America! I have a bunch of water and sunscreen packed for today and the six hour drive- let’s go!

California Day #5- Sequoia National Park

Hello blog readers! (I appreciate all of you SO much by the way!) Today I am heading to Sequoia National Park to see some of the biggest trees in the WORLD! One of them (General Sherman) is the largest tree in the world by volume! I cannot wait to explore. Here is the plan for today! Today’s adventure is also dependent upon weather and road conditions so hopefully I can see what I am planning on visiting!

California Day #4- Yosemite National Park

Hey beautiful souls! Yesterday was so amazing on the coast; I feel like it’s going to be hard to top it but what better place to challenge that than Yosemite National Park! It’s not pronounced yoze-ah-myte…it’s yo-sem-it-tee! Today is a scary day for me because the forecast was calling for 30-50mm of rain a few days ago which could potentially ruin my plans. Currently it is showing 2-4 mm of rain so I am just prepared for a wet day.

California Day #3- Big Sur

Hi everyone! Day three is about to begin and it’s going to be the coolest day ever! (If you missed Day 1 and 2…go here to read it first so you are in the loop!) I am leaving Santa Barbara then driving up the coast on the famous Highway 1 all day. It’s going to be amazing and I hope the weather stays nice for me! Here is the game plan for driving today… 7 hours of driving (minus stopping along the way) to my final stop of Merced where I am… Read More

California Days #1 & 2- Las Vegas & Joshua Tree National Park

Hi guys!! I have two weeks off in between travel nursing assignments and I was itching for another adventure, so I browsed for a cheap flight somewhere. I wasn’t super picky with where to go, I was open to anything. But when I found a cheap round trip flight to Las Vegas, the wheels started turning and voila! I’m going to California!

Vegas Baby!

Hey guys! It’s finally time for the next trip post! Usually I write a post for each day of my travels. Even though I very well could have on this trip, I decided to just write one large post about this vacation as we were so busy (and exhausted) the entire time! Sorry if it is really long, but I put a lot of pictures in the post for you to see! Enjoy! 🙂

Day 4 in NYC- Brooklyn Bridge & Cancelled Flights

What a fun 3 days we have had!! Tonight we have to go home unfortunately but I think it’s time because if not, I will be poor soon! We woke up later this morning and picked up our breakfast downstairs. We took our time and packed up our stuff for checkout and stored it downstairs with the concierge as we don’t have to leave for the Airport until around 230. This morning we are going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!! It’s a gorgeous day today and I think it’s the perfect… Read More