Assignment #7 Recap- Bella Bella, BC

I can’t believe that I’ve completed my SEVENTH Travel Nursing contract!! Not to mention that it’s most likely my LAST one. It’s taken me awhile to write this last assignment recap post and it might be because I’ve been dreading reliving it and remembering what it was like to be a travel nurse! It’s been almost two months since I’ve been home and I am finally getting to this!! Enjoy 🙂

Assignment #5 & 6 Recap – Fort Nelson, BC

Hey guys! I just finished a long two months of work way up in Northern British Columbia in Fort Nelson! (Minus one week home at the end of January). I had originally sent my recruiter two sets of dates…three weeks in January and four weeks in February…and the facility in Fort Nelson requested me for both! I decided to drive all the way there and fly home for the week in between. It was great having a truck up North in the cold weather and also for adventuring purposes. To be completely… Read More

Four Best Hikes in Prince Rupert, BC

I recently did a contract in Prince Rupert, British Columbia and one of the best parts of working here was all of the hikes that were in the area! I had a hard time finding information about these hikes, especially the fourth one, so I figured writing about them would be helpful for other people! I’m not an experienced hiker at all, so don’t consider me an expert. I was here in December which is not normally a prime time for hiking but on the west coast in a rain forest it’s… Read More

Assignment #4 Recap – Prince Rupert, BC

Well, my friends. I have officially just finished my latest travel contract…number FOUR! I must like this whole travel nursing thing! This past month, I completed a short three week contract all the way over in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. I was holding out for a contract by the ocean and I finally got one! I was so excited to be on the very West coast of Canada and explore the area in between working shifts at the local hospital there.

So It’s Your First Nursing Contract…

So it’s your first nursing contract… Congrats!! It’s honestly so exciting. You’re off on a new adventure! You’re going to meet so many amazing people and you’re going to have such a great experience. You completed the application process, got matched with a recruiter, got presented for a position, and signed your very first contract. You’re feeling anxious and nervous. Are you going to be lonely? Is it going to be hard being away from all your family and friends? On the other hand, you’re truly full of happiness…it’s the greatest feeling… Read More

One Year of Freedom! (What I Would Change About My First Year as a Travel Nurse)

Can you believe it!? It’s been one whole year since I decided to take the plunge and become a travel nurse! A whole year since I packed up my car and left for Alberta for an unknown adventure that would soon change my life. A whole year since I decided to start saying “YES” to new adventures and opportunities. A whole year of working on myself and discovering how independent and strong I can be as a woman. A whole year of making new friends across the country. A whole year of… Read More

Assignment #3 Recap- Dawson Creek, BC

Well, readers. It’s been six long weeks away from home in a brand new province- British Columbia! I am super happy to be heading home today because I really miss home and my partner! But I have thoroughly enjoyed the past six weeks and I’m about to tell you why!

Solo Travel- Just Do It!!

Originally Written For The Gypsy Nurse As a travel nurse, I feel like it takes a specific person to choose this type of nursing career. If I were to stereotype travel nurses, I would say we are free spirits, flexible, always down for a new adventure and we love to travel in between our contracts. Often we are off for large chunks of time in between contracts at different times of the year…”funemployment” we call it. It’s rare if our spouses, family members or friends are off at the same time as… Read More

Assignment #2 Recap- Muskoka, Ontario

I cannot believe my second travel nursing contract is already complete! I was in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada- more specifically Bracebridge, Ontario. It’s a gorgeous area of Ontario surrounded by lakes and cottages. In the summer time swarms of Toronto residents come up to live the life of luxury for the season. The hospitals out here have a hard time finding nurses it seems. A lot of nurses want to work in the GTA instead of in this smaller area. This contract was a short one (only five weeks) but it honestly… Read More

Travel Nursing in Canada

Over the past few months I’ve been in contact with a lot of other travel nurses via social media and most of them are from the US! It’s been really cool comparing the differences between nursing in Canada vs the States so I figured maybe other people would be interested in it too!