Got Stung By a Jellyfish in Halong Bay

2 day- 1 night 5 star cruise for $150? Sounds good to me. Halong Bay is close to Hanoi and it’s basically a huge bay full of beautiful limestone cliffs. Originally we booked our cruise with Cristina Diamond Cruises (A 3 star cruise) and about a week before our trip they emailed me saying that they upgraded us for free to a different boat, Viola Cruises owned by the same company but it is a 4-5 star cruise. The pictures look amazing and we are so excited to experience a different side… Read More

Hanoi, Vietnam!

Good morning Vietnam! Hello from Hanoi! 🙂 I’ll tell you right now. As I’m typing this, we have only been here for a couple of hours and I have already fallen in love with this city.