Packing 101

Everything you need to know about packing for Southeast Asia including some tips and tricks!

Official Itinerary- Here We Go!!

Detailed itinerary of our Southeast Asia trip- follow along!

Vaccinations and Precautions 

What vaccinations to get for Southeast Asia and important tips for Canadian travellers

Visas and Travel Insurance 101

Information about international travel insurance for our Southeast Asia trip, and also how to obtain visas for Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for Canadian passport holders.

So much planning!

Air Asia challenges, Booking Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam hotel basics, mosquito repellant tips, trip planning 101!

Flights are booked!

Tips and tricks on buying an international flight. What websites to use, best time to buy, and more details on the struggles I faced!


Southeast Asia 3 Week Itinerary; going to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. Follow along!

Square One

Where do I even begin?