Angkor Wat!!

Angkor Wat day! Angkor whaaaaat? Time for more temples! Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and today we get to explore it!! I’ll start right now and say prepare to be amazed by the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen. Angkor Wat is a HUGE temple built back in the 13-14th or so century. It has a huge moat surrounding it. Within the Angkor Wat archeological park there are many temples and we are going to see the most popular ones today. Angkor Wat is the largest…. Read More

Travel Day to Cambodia

Yo yo yo Last night in Hanoi we had some last yummy spring rolls…maybe the 5th time we had them!? We walked around in some shops near our hotel and a lady walked up to dad and dressed him up. I took a picture then she tried getting money for it! No way lady… thanks for the pic though.