Quebec Day #7- Montmorency Falls

Seems like a great day to chase some waterfalls!! We woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed and ready for our last day in Quebec! I love it here and I’m so sad that it’s already over. I love how much history is everywhere, the beautiful architecture all around us and I also love being surrounded by French speaking people where I can practice my Fran├žais! It reminds me so much of Paris which was one of my FAVOURITE trips by far so I’m happy to be reminiscing while I walk through Old… Read More

Quebec Day #6- Exploring Quebec City

I LOVE Quebec City. Even in the rain. We woke up to a gloomy day… sad but we have had perfect weather so far on this trip so I guess we can suffer for a day! We had plans to visit the Citadelle for the changing of the guard but it was cancelled due to the rain. We walked down to the ferry (our Airbnb is up on a hill so we have been walking down and taking a $7 cab up to avoid the billion stairs).

Quebec Day #5- Montreal to Quebec City & Old Quebec

Time to go to Quebec!!!!!! It was a very early morning to get to the train station. We were running on four hours of sleep which is probably the reason for Phoenix typing in the wrong address for our Uber! We ended up at the wrong place which resulted in us missing our train! C’est la vie! We were able to get on the next train for no extra charge. WOO! A couple hours of waiting later, we took our second ViaRail of the trip from Montreal to Quebec City this morning!

Quebec Day #4- Montreal

It’s our last full day in Montreal! Looking back, I wish we would have planned more time in this city because there is SO much to do! We have done so much since we got here and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Quebec Day #3- Old Montreal

Today is all about exploring Old Montreal!! It is so incredibly beautiful and it’s like stepping back in time. The forecast is calling for rain and thunderstorms so I really hope the weather holds up. If not, I’ve got an umbrella for emergencies. We slept in a bit this morning due to being pretty intoxicated at the concert last night. I felt much better than I should have this morning for which I’m thankful! We got some iced coffees then headed to the Metro to take the subway to Old Montreal. It… Read More

Quebec Days #1 & 2- Toronto to Montreal

It’s time for another adventure!! My friend Phoenix and I have been planning this trip since the fall when we first met working together in Alberta! We became great friends and have kept in touch ever since. We are SO excited to explore Montreal and Quebec City together! Phoenix has never been but I have- back in February 2015 with a friend from university. It was freezing cold when I was there so I am very much looking forward to experiencing it all over again in the summer time! It almost feels… Read More