East Coast Day #9 – Cabot Trail & Mackerel Fishing

Today we are driving back to Halifax and we are in the mood for some fishing! We started our morning with a trip to the beach in Ingonish and soaked up some sun for a bit before starting our day of driving.

East Coast Day #8 – Skyline Trail & Whale Watching on Cape Breton Island

We woke up in Ch├ęticamp Sunday morning with a gorgeous view from our little chalet that we rented. It was very dark when we arrived last night so the view wasn’t visible until now.

East Coast Day #6 – Bay of Fundy, NB & Charlottetown, PEI

We are in for a long but super fun day. We are sad that Stephanie left last night but we are going to make the best of the rest of this week! Last night we went out with Charly’s friends and saw a band called the Mellotones. They were unbelievable and we had SUCH a fun time dancing all night. It was one of those nights that was so fun you didn’t want it to end.

East Coast Days #4 & 5 – Surfing in Halifax

Let me start this blog post by saying this is a day I would have never thought I would experience in my lifetime. I have never planned on surfing in my life nor had it ever previously interested me. I am not a fit or in shape person by any means and I was frankly terrified for what my body was about to go through yesterday. My friends are so excited to do this though so it’s making me happy to experience it with them. This has been on Katie’s bucket list… Read More

East Coast Day #3 – Cape Split Hike & Blomidon Provincial Park

We are *loving* life here on the East Coast. Today is another day trip to the other coast of Nova Scotia. We will be seeing the Bay of Fundy from the opposite side of New Brunswick. Halifax is so nice and central and it’s so easy to drive an hour or two in any direction to get you to a new beautiful place. It’s going to be hard to top yesterday but we are sure going to try!!

East Coast Day #2 – Peggy’s Cove & Crystal Crescent Beach

Ahh! How relaxing it is to be on the East Coast breathing all the salty ocean air. Today is going to be incredible as we are renting a car and exploring some nearby places all day! There are several locations easily reachable from Halifax as day trips and today and tomorrow we are going to explore some of them!

East Coast Day #1 – Welcome to Halifax!

It’s time for the next adventure!!! Already!? The travelling trio of nurses is finally back together again for another trip- plus an extra member! My friends Kaitlyn and Stephanie {who I went to Paris with last year} and I have finally planned another adventure- our fourth trip together. Our friend Charly who lives on the East Coast is joining us as well this time and I am SO excited! We travel so well together and it’s always so smooth wherever we go so I get very pumped to travel with these girls…. Read More