Jasper, Alberta & Icefields Parkway

In case you missed it… over New Year’s Andrew and I drove all the way from Ontario across Canada in order to bring me to my next contract in Northern BC. We spent time in Banff, Lake Louise, and Abraham Lake along the way. The next location we visited was Jasper National Park! I’ve been to Jasper by myself before and also with another travel nurse on our days off when we were both working in Dawson Creek, BC. (All of those trips/blog posts are linked if you want to go read… Read More

Abraham Lake- Banff’s Hidden Secret

If you are planning, or have planned, a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you probably automatically think of visiting Banff National Park and Jasper National Park…which you should. You’ll probably start in Banff, hit up Lake Louise then drive up Highway 93, the Icefields Parkway, up to Jasper through the Columbia Icefield (or the opposite way ending in Banff). It’s one of the most gorgeous road trips in the world (more about it in the next blog post!). Along the route, between Lake Louise and Jasper National Park, there’s an intersection… Read More

Lake Louise & New Years Eve in Banff

Hey there! If you missed my last blog post, we started our trip out west to drive me to my next travel nursing contract up in Northern BC. You can read that post here. To continue on, let’s just talk about Banff. It’s a huge tourist town, especially during ski season. It’s way busier in the summer months so a winter vacation here is pretty attractive if you want to avoid crowds. The crowds are still there though. After a few days here, we were pretty good at judging where everyone would… Read More

Winter Vacation in Banff, Alberta

My next nursing contract is way up in Northern BC and I decided to drive all the way there so that I’d have a bit more freedom while on assignment. My boyfriend Andrew just so happened to be off on holidays the week before my start date so it worked out perfectly for a road trip together. Our plan was to drive to Banff for New Years Eve with a stop in Winnipeg along the way and then up to Jasper via the Icefields Parkway. Andrew has never been further than Banff… Read More

Assignment #3 Recap- Dawson Creek, BC

Well, readers. It’s been six long weeks away from home in a brand new province- British Columbia! I am super happy to be heading home today because I really miss home and my partner! But I have thoroughly enjoyed the past six weeks and I’m about to tell you why!

Solo Hiking in Banff

Hola amigos! During my two month contract here in Alberta, I had a few days off and I jumped at the chance to go to my favourite place on earth…Banff! I know I already did a post about my solo trip to Bonnyville through Banff and Jasper but this one is more hiking oriented. Plus the pictures are absolutely gorgeous so I figured I would share!

Assignment #1 Recap- Bonnyville, AB

Hey blog readers! In a week and a half I will have officially completed my first nursing contract in Bonnyville, Alberta! I have received a ton of questions about my contract and how it’s been going, etc. so I figured I would write a post about it to sum it all up! I can’t believe two months is almost over! It went by so quickly!

Solo Banff & Jasper Trip

It is time my friends! Time to pack up my life and leave for my very first travel assignment in Northern Alberta. It’s going to be hard being away from home for two months but I am more excited than anything to get started on this journey I’ve been planning for close to a year now! Saying goodbye to my boyfriend Andrew was the hardest part. I cried on and off the whole way to Winnipeg on the first day and a few times since. It’s going to be rough being apart… Read More

Banff, Alberta (Jan 2017)

I was going through old trip pictures and found all these great memories in Banff last year so I figured I would add this post as something to look back on. We took advantage of the free national park passes for Canada’s 150th birthday. We went in the winter and it was freezing the entire time! I can’t wait to go back here in the summer or fall. While I’m working up in Bonnyville this October and November I am going to for sure try to drive down to Banff/Canmore for a… Read More