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Quebec Days #1 & 2- Toronto to Montreal

It's time for another adventure!! My friend Phoenix and I have been planning this trip since the fall when we first met working together in Alberta! We became great friends and have kept in touch ever since. We are SO excited to explore Montreal and Quebec City together! Phoenix has never been but I have-… Continue reading Quebec Days #1 & 2- Toronto to Montreal

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South Dakota Road Trip

Hey guys! I finally convinced my boyfriend Andrew to take some summer holidays for once! We try to go to Dauphin, Manitoba every year for Country Fest with my parents so this year we decided to take a bit of a road trip through the states on our way to Dauphin! If you've been following… Continue reading South Dakota Road Trip

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Assignment #3 Recap- Dawson Creek, BC

Well, readers. It's been six long weeks away from home in a brand new province- British Columbia! I am super happy to be heading home today because I really miss home and my partner! But I have thoroughly enjoyed the past six weeks and I'm about to tell you why! I was having a hard… Continue reading Assignment #3 Recap- Dawson Creek, BC

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California Days #7, 8 & 9- Red Rock Canyon & Las Vegas

Hey guys! The last few days have been super busy but also relaxing after my long week of driving! I left Pahrump Monday morning and drove to Red Rock Canyon. This is the final leg of my trip! I was very happy to drop off my car and be done driving! I actually ended up… Continue reading California Days #7, 8 & 9- Red Rock Canyon & Las Vegas

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California Day #4- Yosemite National Park

Hey beautiful souls! Yesterday was so amazing on the coast; I feel like it's going to be hard to top it but what better place to challenge that than Yosemite National Park! It's not pronounced's yo-sem-it-tee! Today is a scary day for me because the forecast was calling for 30-50mm of rain a few… Continue reading California Day #4- Yosemite National Park

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California Days #1 & 2- Las Vegas & Joshua Tree National Park

Hi guys!! I have two weeks off in between travel nursing assignments and I was itching for another adventure, so I browsed for a cheap flight somewhere. I wasn't super picky with where to go, I was open to anything. But when I found a cheap round trip flight to Las Vegas, the wheels started… Continue reading California Days #1 & 2- Las Vegas & Joshua Tree National Park