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East Coast Day #9 – Cabot Trail & Mackerel Fishing

Today we are driving back to Halifax and we are in the mood for some fishing! We started our morning with a trip to the beach in Ingonish and soaked up some sun for a bit before starting our day of driving.

We had plans to stop somewhere in Baddeck and find a fishing charter of some sort to go fishing for lobster or fish of some sort. Every place that we called or found online was unavailable or said it was too windy today. We continue driving and stopped in a cute town called Baddeck (which I actually was previously looking into doing a travel nursing contract here). We had a yummy lunch at a cute little restaurant and decided on mackerel fishing and booked a boat tour for this evening! It was a couple who did private charter tours on their boat in Antigonish and they were lovely people. We learned a lot about fishing for mackerel and also fishing for big tuna! In the fall they do tuna fishing and sometimes it takes 10 hours just to reel in one big fish. The biggest tuna they’ve caught is 500 pounds!! We want to come back for tuna season! The mackerel fishing was so fun because as soon as you drop your line in the water, fish latch on instantly. Most of the time you catch two or three at a time….sometimes four! It’s so easy and you really don’t require any skill to do it. The owner filleted the fish right on the boat and chucked the remains right into the water and birds fought for the fish every time. I am not a fan of birds so I didn’t enjoy this part very much! The couple even gave us fish to take home with us! It was a really fun experience and I loved just being out on the ocean again.

We were ready to get back to Halifax! It’s been a long week of driving and adventures so we are ready for some down time for sure. We ordered take out and chilled at Charly’s place.

We have one more day in Halifax and that’s it! It’s been unreal exploring the East Coast. I adore it here.

Thanks for reading!



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