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East Coast Day #8 – Skyline Trail & Whale Watching on Cape Breton Island

We woke up in Chéticamp Sunday morning with a gorgeous view from our little chalet that we rented. It was very dark when we arrived last night so the view wasn’t visible until now.

We drove through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park which is stunning and arrived at the Skyline Trailhead for a nice hike! It was just over a 9 km loop or else you could do around 7 km return. I wouldn’t classify this as a hike…it’s much more of a walk through the forest with gorgeous views of the ocean and the Highlands. There’s a big staircase where you can walk down for a better view but the trail further down was sadly closed due to restoration of the ecosystem. The views were insane and it was very windy up there!

We continued along the Cabot Trail and drove up to the highest point of Cape Breton. It’s whale watching time!!! We booked with Oshan Whale Watching and it was located right on the St Lawrence Bay near Meat Cove. There were only about 15 people on our boat and the guides were very nice. They didn’t explain much so we didn’t really know what was going on the whole time. We drove along the coast and saw some gorgeous views of the highlands and the ocean.

We saw a few seals far in the distance, too far away to see in a picture. We were getting a little sad that no whales had been spotted yet. We were losing hope then all of a sudden the guide jumped down from the top of the boat and there you go… a huge pod of pilot whales swam by! It was incredible to see. I got a lot of great GoPro footage and I think a couple good shots so you can get the jist of what we saw. We followed the pod for quite awhile and saw a few tails near the end. I really wanted one to jump out of the water but unfortunately that didn’t happen. It was an amazing experience and I would totally do it again!

We drove all the way to Ingonish along the Cabot Trail for our stop for the night. We rented an apartment attached to a restaurant that has been featured on ‘You Gotta Eat Here’. It was a really cute place! We had seafood pasta and had a fun night drinking local beer and playing cards while listening to music.

Another great day!!! Thanks for reading!



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