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East Coast Day #7 – Prince Edward Island

I have been waiting for this day since I was a little girl. I am finally going to Green Gables, the place of my favourite childhood books and movies- Anne of Green Gables. I’ve always wanted to visit and today is the day!

We drove straight there from Charlottetown this morning (about 40 minutes) and arrived in Cavendish. It’s a cute touristy town and there is a ton to do here if you are visiting. The government has made this whole area along the coast a national park so you do need to pay entry unless you have an annual national park pass like me! At Green Gables, the entry fee is about $7. We walked through the house and around the garden then strolled down Lover’s Lane and the Haunted Wood. It was so exciting for me! There was even a girl there dressed like Anne who you could take pictures with. I loved it though it wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I guess I didn’t realize that the house was created based off Lucy Maud Montgomery’s description in the books. It wasn’t actually the house filmed in the movies. The area, however, inspired L.M. Montgomery while writing the books. So if you are a big fan of Anne of Green Gables like me, you can almost hear her describing everything around you in her flowery monologues while you explore the grounds.

It was a great experience! Next we headed to Brackley Beach along the coast in Cavendish. We had the best lobster rolls and lobster sandwiches at a place called Richard’s. It was honestly my favourite meal here so far. We also went to the fresh seafood market and had a fresh oyster! We walked down to the beach and we were surprised at how warm the water was!

We continued driving along the coast and found Dalvay by the Sea which is the White Sands Hotel from Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea. It had started to rain so I just snapped a couple of pictures and then we kept going.

We had a bunch of different ideas for what to do this afternoon but most involved being outside and getting rained on. It’s really nice travelling when you honestly don’t have many plans in a day because you have wide open days where you can be spontaneous and make last minute decisions. I don’t always travel like this but I like it every once in awhile! Some options included visiting a winery, going fishing, lobster trapping or doing a detour to go to this amazing restaurant that Canadian chef Michael Smith owns. The restaurant was fully booked for a month so that wasn’t an option. Someone mentioned horse back riding because there are horses everywhere in PEI. We found a place that did trail rides, PPH Farms. We headed there and it started to pour and thunder as we pulled up. We played with some of their animals while we waited out the storm. We rode the horses around the barn for awhile but sadly the thunder didn’t stop. It was probably for the best that we did this excursion because it was nice to at least be inside riding the horses. It’s too bad we weren’t able to go on the trail but it was still fun! The owners of the barn were SO nice and weren’t even going to charge us because we couldn’t do the trail ride. We gave them money anyway though for their trouble. If you are in Prince Edward Island and want to ride horses, make sure you go to PPH Farms!!

We drove to Wood Islands and took the ferry back to Nova Scotia. It was $79 for the car to drive on including all passengers and it is a 75 minute ride. We had food on board and surprisingly found Cows Ice Cream on the top level. I was really excited because we ran out of time to go for ice cream in PEI. It’s all local PEI ingredients and it’s delicious!

We drove to Chéticamp which was our stop for the night. We had dinner at a nice place near our chalet and had a good sleep. It was a long day but a very fun one!

Thanks for reading!



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