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East Coast Day #3 – Cape Split Hike & Blomidon Provincial Park

We are *loving* life here on the East Coast. Today is another day trip to the other coast of Nova Scotia. We will be seeing the Bay of Fundy from the opposite side of New Brunswick. Halifax is so nice and central and it’s so easy to drive an hour or two in any direction to get you to a new beautiful place. It’s going to be hard to top yesterday but we are sure going to try!!

We started the morning with some crêpes at a local crêperie which were delicious to say the least.

We drove to the Cape Split Trailhead. The drive was absolutely breathtaking. We drove through major vineyard country and farmland but the coolest thing was that the ocean is literally right there the whole time. I can’t even imagine living in one of these houses with an ocean view. If you live in Nova Scotia, please do not take it for granted!!

Along the drive to Cape Split is a lookout above the Annapolis Valley and ocean below. It’s fantastic. There’s an ice cream shop right beside it too as well so make sure you stop there if you come out here!

The Cape Split hike is long but very rewarding. It’s 6 km to get to the viewpoint and there really isn’t any view until you reach the 6 km mark. It’s shaded forest, a bit up hill and the trail is pretty easy with a few rocks and tree roots on the path. The way there was great because we had an exciting view to anticipate. The way back felt like it took forever though! The view is breathtaking as the cliffs drop straight down into the Bay of Fundy below while the breeze cools you right off from hiking. There was probably about 15-20 other people up at the lookout when we got there. The entire 12 km took us exactly 4 hours including us relaxing for a bit and taking pictures at the point. Make sure you bring lots of water and a snack because there are no stores or gas stations in the area! We didn’t bring enough water and we were very very thirsty when we got back to that ice cream shop! It really reminded us of Étretát and the cliffs that we climbed there in France. Same ocean too!!

After rehydrating with gatorade and ice cream, we drove about 15 minutes to the next stop which was Blomidon Provincial Park. This is a campground (which would be unreal to camp at with a view of the ocean below) and there is also a public beach here that you can walk along. When the tide is low, you can walk really far. When we got there, there was about two feet of sand on the beach. We walked down to the edge of the rock cliffs and took a few pictures. By the time we walked back to the stairs ten minutes later, the tide had risen that two feet and we had to climb on the rocks to get back. I think that is so cool!! The cliffs are this amazing red/brown colour that I feel pictures don’t do any justice. My boyfriend Andrew said the colour comes from a mix of amethyst, agate and jasper. It’s really soft dirt and the ocean is pretty murky from the red mud.

We still had a bit of time before driving back to Dartmouth so we typed in Medford Beach to the GPS. I had seen it on Pinterest when I was researching for the trip. There are huge arches of rock formations in the water and we figured we could see them at Medford. Wherever the GPS took us, we could literally see the arch from up top but it was all private property and people’s homes there so we didn’t feel comfortable going on their property to find the beach. They must have the most amazing view from their places. I Googled how to get to this beach and then found out you drive to Kingsport Beach then walk along the ocean floor to get to Medford. Unfortunately, the tide was high at this time so we sadly couldn’t get to it. We definitely should have stopped here first before our hike so that we could have walked to the arches! I’ll throw in a photo from Google just so you can see what we missed. You can also look up the tide times online which we would have done if we had made a better plan today. We still saw the arch from the lookout up top though so we were happy enough with that for today!!

We drove back to Dartmouth and got ready for dinner. We were STARVING and couldn’t wait to eat some more seafood! We had dinner then went to a place with good live music.

Our bodies are very sore from the hike today! Hopefully we are functioning in the morning!

Thanks for reading!



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