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East Coast Day #1 – Welcome to Halifax!

It’s time for the next adventure!!! Already!?

The travelling trio of nurses is finally back together again for another trip- plus an extra member! My friends Kaitlyn and Stephanie {who I went to Paris with last year} and I have finally planned another adventure- our fourth trip together. Our friend Charly who lives on the East Coast is joining us as well this time and I am SO excited! We travel so well together and it’s always so smooth wherever we go so I get very pumped to travel with these girls. There’s just something about a well oiled machine running smoothly with no bumps along the way that is very appealing when you are travelling! No one gets cranky or argues with each other and we are all so laid back and chill. I love it!! I’ve traveled with people before who get grumpy over little things and I would choose these girls over anyone!

Throwback to Paris

We were originally going to go to Italy for this trip but that didn’t work out for a number of reasons. It’s still on the back burner for next year so in the meantime we figured we would save some money and stay a little closer to home for now. Flights are very expensive in August! So how about we finally go see our friend on the East Coast!? All three of us used credit card points to redeem and basically got free round trip flights to Halifax to visit Charly there. All four of us have different schedules this week, so for the first few days it’s just me and Steph until Katie comes Wednesday night!

Sunday morning Steph and I left Thunder Bay bright and early and flew to Halifax with a quick layover in Toronto along the way. We arrived in Halifax around lunch time where Charly picked us up. Today is basically wide open with no real plans to see anything specific so we are just going to explore the waterfront and go get some delicious seafood to eat!! I plan on eating seafood for every meal this week! It’s all so fresh here.

The day turned into a beer tour really and that was completely fine by me! Charly lives across the water from Halifax on Dartmouth side so we took the ferry across ($2.50 round trip) and found a great place by the water for lunch called Salty’s. It’s amazing being with someone who knows all the great spots to go to! The harbor is so beautiful here and everyone here is so friendly. I love it!

It’s beautiful here!!! The next place we went to was the Halifax Distillery Co. and we tasted some rum. The place was so cute and the huge bar was transported from England in 3 pieces then reconstructed.

We wandered around the waterfront and saw McNabb’s Island from afar. Everything is just so pretty! They also have these misting cooling stations all over which is the greatest idea EVER!

We headed back to Dartmouth on the ferry and it was so beautiful while the sun was setting! We had more mussels and seafood dip!

Charly had to work the next morning so me and Steph headed back across the water to Halifax and went to The Lower Deck to see a band called Signal Hill. It was SO. Much. Fun!

It was a great first day! We are intoxicated and exhausted from being up at 4 am so our bed is calling us!!

Thanks for reading!



Read about Day #2 here!!

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