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Quebec Day #5- Montreal to Quebec City & Old Quebec

Time to go to Quebec!!!!!!

It was a very early morning to get to the train station. We were running on four hours of sleep which is probably the reason for Phoenix typing in the wrong address for our Uber! We ended up at the wrong place which resulted in us missing our train! C’est la vie! We were able to get on the next train for no extra charge. WOO! A couple hours of waiting later, we took our second ViaRail of the trip from Montreal to Quebec City this morning!

Our Airbnb in Quebec is a bit interesting because it’s actually in Lévi, not Quebec. We have to get to take a ferry to and from each day!! It’s $3.25 each way which adds up but our Airbnb host gave us a pass to use which is great!! The ferry ride was the perfect beginning to our time in Quebec because we had an amazing view of the Chateau Frontenac and all the beautiful buildings surrounding it. The Airbnb is a gorgeous old 4-story house in which the owner rents out rooms and also had a bed and breakfast. There are beautiful rooms everywhere and nice people to talk to. There was a little 5 year old boy that we spoke with and he corrected my French which was so cute.

Finally we are ready to explore Quebec!! I am obsessed with this city. I forgot how much I loved it. Everywhere you turn, there’s something even more beautiful to look at.

This little corner near Rue de Petite Champlain on Rue Cul de Sac make me squeal in excitement. This is the coolest thing!! All the umbrellas hanging over head with the sun shining through them are breathtaking. There’s a few terrasses right underneath them and we had lunch right here of course!

So cute!!! We just continued to wander around Old Quebec and kept finding more gorgeous views. We rode the Funiculaire up to Quebec (from Old Quebec down below) which costs $3.50 to ride. The other option is to climb Breakneck Steps all the way up top.

Once you step off the Funiculaire, behold… the Chateau Frontenac!!! It is the most photographed hotel in the world and I can definitely see why. It’s so massive and unbelievable. Then Dufferin Terrace is below where you can walk along and have a great view of the St. Lawrence River and Lévi on the other side.

We continued to wander around and stumbled upon the Quebec version of the Notre Dame Basilica. An organist was playing while we walked through and gazed at the ceiling.

Stunning. There are little shops, patios and cafés everywhere here. We stopped at a few before approaching Artillery Park. The view from up top is perfect. Right below us, a busker was performing which made for great background music.

Quebec City is the only fortified walled city left in North America. The wall was built in the 1600s and was restored by the British after a war with the French called The Battle of the Plains of Abraham. There is so much history around here! We arrived back at the Chateau where a street performer was doing a show. We sat and watched him then descended all the stairs and Breakneck Steps back down to Old Quebec.

We went to Lapin Sauté for dinner and had french onion soup and a charcuterie board with duck, salmon and rabbit on it!

By now it was getting dark so we walked around a bit then headed back to the ferry to get back to Lévi.

We could hear music from the ferry so when we got off, we went to explore. There was a huge concert happening right on the water. We walked in for free and listened for awhile. I have no idea who the band was but they were great. Then all of a sudden a girl came down from a CRANE and did acrobatics in the air for a song. It was wild!!

It’s been a very long day, but a great one. Our bodies are so sore from all the walking but the views make it all worth it.

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