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Quebec Day #4- Montreal

It’s our last full day in Montreal!

Looking back, I wish we would have planned more time in this city because there is SO much to do! We have done so much since we got here and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

This morning we lazed around a bit before getting ready for the day. We are going to the top of Mont Royal today! Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain and that our feet hold up. I cannot believe how humid it is in this city!

We started the walk to the mountain which should take about 45 minutes from our Airbnb to the lookout. But first we made a stop for a special Montreal bagel! There’s something about Montreal bagels that are different than the rest of the world.

Délicieux! Okay. So now for the exhausting hike. 3 km uphill, mostly on stairs. Our legs were jello to say the least. It’s almost 35°C with the humidex today so that’s fun too! But the views at the top were unreal. I felt great when I finally cooled down and then the way down was much easier. Then we got to flat ground and my legs were quivering and shaking so bad!! Good thing we are going to a spa later today!

Such a fun thing to do here in Montreal…and it’s free!! We were drenched in sweat so we walked back to our Airbnb but stopped first for lunch and a nice cold beer. We walked past McGill University and through downtown on the way back.

We headed back to Old Montreal where we had a minor mishap including an ATM eating Phoenix’s debit card but her bank was right around the corner so all good! Now it’s finally the moment our legs were waiting for! Bota Bota Spa!! A spa on a boat!! If you are coming to Montreal, make sure you put this place on your list. For 3 hours, it’s $55 and you get to relax, wander around the four levels of the boat and garden with a beautiful view of the waterfront right beside you. No pictures are allowed in the spa but just picture me laying on a hammock with a glass of wine smiling at the view surrounded by other doing the exact same thing and that should explain the entire evening. What a great way to chill after our busy few days!

Ahhhhh! So relaxing! We walked to a place for fondue but sadly it was too late and it was closing. We are going to try and do it in Quebec City instead. We found this great Japanese restaurant and had a delicious meal. On the way to the restaurant, we passed the Notre Dame Basilica again and it was SO beautiful all lit up. Ugh I love it here!

And now we pack up before our very early train to Quebec in the morning!

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