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Quebec Days #1 & 2- Toronto to Montreal

It’s time for another adventure!! My friend Phoenix and I have been planning this trip since the fall when we first met working together in Alberta! We became great friends and have kept in touch ever since. We are SO excited to explore Montreal and Quebec City together! Phoenix has never been but I have- back in February 2015 with a friend from university. It was freezing cold when I was there so I am very much looking forward to experiencing it all over again in the summer time! It almost feels like I am going to a completely new place since almost everything we are planning on visiting was not doable in the winter time. The whole reason for this trip was to see the Backstreet Boys at the Centre Bell Monday night which was VERY exciting. On Sunday, I flew from Thunder Bay to Toronto where I later met up with Phoenix. So nice to be reunited! Her hubby came for dinner with us too which was nice. While I was waiting for her train to get in, I walked the Eaton Centre and did a bit of shopping. We stayed in an Airbnb downtown enjoying a relaxing night planning this week’s adventures and went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for a nice dinner. I had planned to go to a different place but they wanted to charge us $14 cover PLUS food and drinks so that didn’t happen!!

Monday morning, we woke up super early after a horrible sleep with no A/C and walked to Union Station. First up is a ViaRail train ride from Toronto to Montreal. ViaRail is an awesome cheap option to travel around Canada. It’s air-conditioned, with comfortable seats and strong Wi-Fi- what more could you ask for!? It does take a bit longer to get places, but it’s all about the adventure right!?

We got to Montreal Monday afternoon and headed straight to our Airbnb downtown. It’s so trendy and I’m obsessed with this brick wall in the living room. Then we got ready and headed to the Gay Village on St Catherine Street!

The Gay Village was really neat! For an entire kilometer, the section of road is pedestrian only and thousands of strings of rainbow balls are hanging overhead. It is so much fun walking under them and seeing all the pride flags everywhere too. We found a nice outdoor patio for dinner and then did a little bit of shopping before we hopped on the metro back to the Airbnb.

We got ready for the concert, got a little drunk then got there just in time. The concert was SO much fun. I’ve seen the Backstreet Boys when I was only 8 and I also saw Nick Carter a few years back but last night was just so great. It brought back all the nostalgia and great memories from my childhood. It also made me miss my sister so much! They’ve still got it and I can’t believe how happy I was. I can’t stop watching the videos I took with a big grin on my face. I got a few shots of the concert but most of it is on my Instagram Highlights if you want to go check it out!!

Keep watching the blog this week for our adventures in Quebec!

Thanks for reading!!



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