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California Days #7, 8 & 9- Red Rock Canyon & Las Vegas

Hey guys!

The last few days have been super busy but also relaxing after my long week of driving! I left Pahrump Monday morning and drove to Red Rock Canyon. This is the final leg of my trip! I was very happy to drop off my car and be done driving! I actually ended up driving right to Vegas and picked up my mom and her friend to bring to the canyon with me! 🙂 They joined me at my last two stops and then I gladly dropped off my car.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.29.21 AM.png

I have been to Red Rock Canyon before (last year), but we didn’t actually drive through the park- we just stopped at the sign. It was a really nice drive. We took the scenic loop through the park and my national park pass covered the fee at the gate. We stopped at a few spots and watched everyone who was rock climbing. I climbed a rock too LOL. It was so nice to catch up with my mom!

When we were at one spot, there was a lady who fell and was laying on the ground. I went up and all they needed was a bandaid so I ran back to my car and got her some from my first aid kit. What a good prepared nurse I am. The lady’s husband tried shoving a $5 bill in my hand and I just laughed hysterically. Can we not just be nice people without needing a reward!? Hilarious.

I just think it’s so cool how the canyon is all different colours. Nature is so neat. I’ve been exposed to so many beautiful landscapes this week. We drove back to the main freeway then took a bit of a detour on the way back to Vegas. I have been wanting to visit Seven Magic Mountains for awhile now and this was the perfect opportunity while I still have the rental car. They are really cool! Obviously they are not natural and are man made but if you overlook that, they are really pretty to look at.

That night, my parents had tickets to see Aerosmith so I was on my own for the evening! I walked over to the Luxor and walked through the Bodies Exhibit. I’ve done the Titanic one before and loved it and this one was equally cool. It was like anatomy class all over again. No pictures were allowed inside but I snuck this one of a body sliced up. It’s fascinating that it is all real bodies donated to science.

On Tuesday, we walked down the strip through a few hotels and made sure to stop at the Cosmopolitan so I could see the Chandelier Bar that I’ve been wanting to see for forever. We also went to the Bellagio and saw the cherry blossoms in the garden there. It smelled amazing!!


Had to document wearing a dress when I’ve been in hiking boots all week LOL

Baby rocks!!!
Piano Bar in New York New York was so much fun

How cute!

Wednesday night, we went downtown to Freemont Street to watch night one of the NHL playoffs. Both of our teams were playing so we enjoyed the games before I packed up to fly home. I had a red eye flight to Toronto then a three hour layover before finally flying home. I slept so much in the last day and a half but I think I am finally over the jet lag! I am working at my home hospital this weekend and then heading off to BC on Tuesday for my third nursing contract! I never stop LOL. But I love it!

Stay tuned for my trip recap post all about solo travel. ❤

Thanks for reading!



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