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Where To Next!?

Hey everyone!

I’m feeling inspired today and figured I would write a little post to share the love. I have been sick the last couple of weeks and I woke up today finally feeling better and ready to take on the world! Can we restart 2019!?


If you’ve been following my Instagram posts @thetalesof.hales, you would have seen me share the other day my future plans for this year. I’ve been on the struggle bus the last couple of months trying to find a second travel nursing contract but the universe seems to be against me! It’s really hard this time of year to find a med/surg assignment up here in Canada. One came up in BC that I was really excited about (as it’s my dream location), so I applied for a BC license right away. Working on Vancouver Island would honestly be the greatest thing to me! Turns out they didn’t need anymore nurses right now, much to my dismay… but now that I am waiting on my BC license, I can start applying for positions there which makes me happy! Now I will be licensed in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. I know something will come up eventually so I will keep on trying! Part of the reason I decided to start travel nursing was to explore more of Canada so that is what I’m trying to do! When you can get paid to travel, that’s the dream really.

Another thing that I did was apply to the other Canadian travel nursing agency. This will give me way more opportunities to apply for contracts and this agency seems to have more in BC so fingers crossed! I have an interview with them today and then I can start exploring some new opportunities. Anything to escape the freezing cold weather we are experiencing right now!

I’m so glad I made this career change but I guess I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it would be to get regular assignments, if I’m being honest. For ER and ICU nurse specialties, this is not the case- there are way more contracts. But I am going to keep trying and working for what I want! I don’t want to be negative but I also don’t want to pretend everything is perfect either. I’m a firm believer in doing something about your situation if you aren’t happy with it and I think I have definitely proved that this year. I have a ton of travel plans for this year and some of them depend on me getting some big pay checks from travel nursing! I know it will all work out in the end.

One thing that has really been helping me is the motivation and support from other travel nurses on social media- it’s almost like a little family of people rooting for you. I’m part of some Facebook groups where travel nurses from all over post about traveler life, struggles, beautiful places they have explored and it is a great community to be apart of. There’s so many great nurses I follow on Instagram too and seeing everyone being successful and living the dream makes me so happy and excited to get back out there and do the same. I’m video chatting today with @explorn_emcheng who is SO inspirational. She has been posting videos on YouTube and is starting a series about fellow travellers and their experiences and I’m so happy to help out and be included! I never realized how great social media would be in helping me learn and grow as both a nurse and a person in general.

Well, I just wanted to hop on here and spread some good energy for you and give a bit of an update! Hopefully my next post will be sharing where my next contract is! I have a really good feeling about the next couple of months and it’s just bursting out of me.

Thanks for reading!



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