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Paris Day 5- Louvre, Palais Garnier & the Journey Home

Our last day! I’m so sad to be leaving Paris today…we have had the most amazing time as you can tell from the previous posts. Thankfully our flight does not leave until around 6:00pm tonight so we have a full day to cram in some things we didn’t get to do this week! The main thing is the Louvre which we know will take up most of the day. We got an early start, packed up everything, tidied up the AirBnb and left our luggage for the owner to store for us until 3:00.

Our first stop was the tea house Angelina for some famous hot chocolate. Last night while exploring the first arrondisement, Rémy pointed it out to us and we made sure to squeeze it into our day today. Best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted? You bet. It was so chocolately and so smooth- I’ve never had anything like it before. It was like drinking rich pudding. Don’t tell anyone but I’m not really the biggest fan of chocolate. However, I would drink this stuff again and I do think you should stop here if you are in Paris. It was really cute inside too and I wish we had time to stay awhile!

We grabbed our hot chocolates and moved on to the Musée de l’Orangérie and we were there before it even opened. We waited in line and went straight to the Monet room with the Water Lillies. Ok WOW. I’m so glad Steph suggested coming here. I’m not a big art fan but I was really impressed with these paintings. Two whole rooms were surrounded by the paintings and they were huge! You can tell in the pictures how big they are!

From here we went back to the Louvre for the third time which we could FINALLY get into with our passes! My feet were so sore today and I literally could barely walk. It was a struggle with every step and I had like 5 bandaids on each foot. I think we calculated 80 km of walking within these 6 days!!! So we set off in the Louvre and I didn’t make it very far. I made sure to see the main rooms at the beginning and the Mona Lisa and then I made the call that I had to save whatever was left of my feet for the airport later. I left Katie and Stephanie to take their time seeing everything else they wanted to see and I went and rested my feet while I waited for them. While I was waiting I wrote the first Paris blog post and it made me so happy remembering everything so by the time they were finished and came to find me, I had a second wind and was ready to continue on! Here’s the pictures I took of the Louvre from what I saw. 🙂 I must say as an extra tidbit of information…the Mona Lisa is so underwhelming and everything I read about it was true. It’s behind glass and it’s tiny and there’s hundreds of people gathered in front of it. I put my arms above my head to take a picture of it with no one in it.

We had a little bit of time left until we had to head back to Montmartre. Katie suggested that we try to get back the the Palais Garnier and see if the auditorium was open! We paid to get in and it was SO worth it. It was amazing. I’ve always loved the Phantom of the Opera and to see the building where the book was based on was something I have always dreamed about. The ceiling is just breathtaking and the chandelier in the auditorium was SO big.

SIGH! So beautiful!! We took our last Metro ride back to our flat and had time for a final Parisian meal. I had duck and it was delicious! We also had escargot again and a nice big bottle of rose!

Deeeelish!! We walked back to the flat and collected our luggage then took an Uber back to the airport! C’est fini! Nooooo! We flew back to Toronto and stayed the night then flew home the next day. We were so tired and had amazing sleeps in Toronto at our Airbnb. My feet were so swollen on the flight home. it was hilarious. I’ve never had that happen before…I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. +++ non pitting edema for all my nursing friends! I am too embarrassed to post the pic of them but if you want to see just message me and I’ll show you LOL!

To summarize the entire trip to Paris I just want to add this little paragraph that I wrote on Instagram about our trip and about the girls. 🙂

“I can’t even explain how amazing of a time me and these two babes had this week. I’ve never met two other people that you can spend seven days straight with and still be just as happy to see them day 7 as you were on day 1. Our three brains work so well together and together we are a well oiled machine that can handle anything! Every trip we take we get closer and I’m so glad I was able to share these memories with them and with other people who appreciate Paris as much as I do! We drank so much wine, saw lots of cute French boys, said so many OMGs/”I can’t believe we are here’s” and made sure each other got to see their most important spots along the way. I’ll never forget it. Cheers ladies…love ya 😘😘💕”

I really hope you enjoyed reading all five Paris posts!! I cannot wait to go back already.

Á bientôt!



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