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Day 2 in NYC

We had a great sleep and woke up to sunshine! Today is going to be a busy day! We started it with grabbing our free breakfast in the lobby and heading back to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. Our goal for today is to own the subway system! We walked across the street to the subway station and purchased our subway passes which we will use all weekend. The stop we needed right beside the Rockefeller Center was closed so we got off at the closest stop which was Times Square! It was 8am and it was peaceful!

We get free pastries every Day !


Not as many people and the weather is much nicer today. What are the odds we found a Tim Hortons!? We walked about 5-10 minutes back to Rockefeller Center and waited in line to swap our City Passes for our tickets. We took the elevator up to the top and had the greatest views of Manhattan!! You can see Central Park, the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center. I loved it!

Central Park

Super cool way to see the city! Next we headed back to the subway and took it all the way downtown to Battery Park. Time to take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty! We got off the subway and were greeted with a ginormous line to get on the ferry. We were expecting an hour long wait. Well… it ended up being 2.5 hours. It was so cold but worth the wait. If we didn’t have the ferry ride included in our CityPass, we would not have done this. There’s an option to take the Staten Island Ferry for free and you just see it from afar. We went through basically airport security and finally we were on a boat!

We ran up to her, took some pics then quickly got back on the boat to head back to New York. There was another stop at Ellis Island, included in our ticket, but we have already spent about 4 hours here and it wasn’t on the top of our list so we skipped it.

Ellis Island

We were starving at this point so we walked five minutes down the road to a TGI Fridays. On the way we passed the Charging Bull which is near Wall Street. We couldn’t get a picture of us with it, or touch the balls for good luck because so many people were also doing so.

The Smithsonian

We felt so much better after stuffing our faces! We kept walking around the stock exchange area and walked past Trinity Church which was in National Treasure!

We approached the Word Trade Center and the memorial fountains where the North and South towers once stood. It was very humbling and emotional to stand where such a traumatic event happened and every single name of the casualties was on the edges of the fountain.

We headed into the Memorial Museum and it too was very sad but also interesting. There were alot of scrap pieces on display from the wreckage.

We took the subway back to our hotel and had a little nap to rest our sore cold bodies. When we woke up, we got ready, dressed warm, and headed back to Times Square for the 3rd Time! We have to see it at night and it’s so close to our hotel. We first took the subway to the LOVE sculpture on 55th and then we went to Joes Shanghai for dumplings!!! During my research for the trip I found this place and it has great reviews. We were not disappointed. They were the best dumplings we have ever had! And they were super cheap!

Now time for Times Square. It was packed and very bright!! We stopped and watched a group of guys do a break dancing street show!

Andrews place lol

From here we walked to the Empire State Building. We loved the views up here. It was midnight when we got to the Top.

So fun!! Our feet were killing us after our long day of walking so we decided to take a New York City cab back to our hotel instead of walking the 10 minutes. It was only 5$. I thought it would have been way more but I guess traffic is slow right now at this time of night. We are exhausted and we crashed as soon as we hit the bed. GOOD NIGHT!

xoxo Hales

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