Travel Day Back to Phuket…Sketchiest Ferry Rides

We had a nice relaxing morning in our air conditioned room which made the windows fog up because it was so humid outside. Like even the key hole outside the room had condensation on it. This was the temp at 11 am…

Hella sticky. We went for our free breakfast at the hotel and it was very yummy.

I walked back down to the beach and found some more shells which was fun. There were huge crabs walking on the beach and I even found a crab claw but it was stinky so I left it.

We packed our bags up once again. It’s exciting to know that we only have to do this 2 more times! It seems that it gets harder each and every time.

Living like a nomad is hard

I walked down the street to find our Hello Kitty tuktuk driver and I found her. We checked out and took a quick ride to the pier. We waited at the pier for about an hour and it was so chaotic. They don’t really have a system other than putting a sticker on your shirt and everyone just going with the flow.

How are people supposed to get off the Ferry?

There are people everywhere and the people getting off the ferries have to walk through the crowd and everyone has their huge backpacks. Crazy!!!

So let me tell you about this stupid ferry system. We have a ferry and transportation booked from Koh Lanta to Phuket including our taxi from the Phuket pier to our hotel there. This wasn’t cheap. I booked it in advance through a very good website which we have previously used and it was just over $50 CAD each. We have the Sea Angel ferry booked which was the very nice air conditioned boat we first took from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi back on Monday. When we got to the Koh Lanta pier we were told that we are to ride to Koh Phi Phi and then switch boats there to get to Phuket. I’m sure you can understand our frustration when we go to get on our ferry at Koh Lanta and there is no seats for us. There are way more people on board than there are chairs. So. We were pushed to the front of the boat. We literally sat right on the ground with 20 other people in the 44°C humid weather. The breeze was nice though and the view was good. This wasn’t so bad and we totally enjoyed it by the end.

My seat lol
Very comfortable lol
That view though!

Phi Phi Island in the distance
Are you sleeping??

Phi Phi I missed You!!!
The humidity loves me haha

Our butts were sore and our skin was probably very burnt but we survived the hour long trip. Okay. We did it. Now to get to the second boat. We grabbed our backpacks off the back of the boat and went where we were directed to the Phuket ferry. I showed my ticket to the people and they said the Sea Angel boat already left. What! They put these other stickers on us and sent us to a huge boat also going to Phuket. Ugh. I was so looking forward to my reclining seat in the air conditioning. It’s friggin hot today. I even wore pants and brought my shawl because I knew I would be chilly and want to nap on the way. So we get onto this second boat and were sent inside. Air conditioning!!! It felt so good. We searched the bottom and top floor and no seats again. Come on. So we were forced to sit at the back of the boat this time once again in the hot sunshine. At least we got on a boat though. We could have been left in Koh Phi Phi to wait for another Sea Angel ferry, though secretly I would love to have to stay in Phi Phi again!

My view from sitting at the back
Bye bye Koh Phi Phi !

Now hopefully our transfer to our hotel is still waiting for us….And of course. It was not. We are not at the Sea Angel pier but another one. And no one will drive us to our hotel on the other side of the island. At this point I am so ready to lose my shit. We walked outside the pier and tried to get a taxi. This super loud and aggressive guy kept shouting at us to take his taxi. We kept walking but he followed us and we bartered to 500 baht for a ride.. an extra 20$ on top of the $100 we already paid for this schmaz of a transfer. We got into the van with a couple from France and the driver was so confusing. He kept yelling at them to give him the phone number for their hotel. He eventually started driving and just when we thought things were okay the driver stopped and got gas hahaha. We just had to laugh at this point. What a day. Shortly after we realised that the French couple are going to Kata beach at the bottom of Phuket and we are going to Patong Beach at the top. Who planned this!! And then…the driver stopped at 7/11 for a phone card for his phone. Come on dude. Then the driver didn’t know where he was going so dad literally used Google maps and told the driver step by step where to go. It was hilarious. Phuket is not that big so I don’t know where this guy was from. We finally dropped the couple off and then rode another half hour to our hotel. We got there 2 hours later than we should have and we were so tired. I am for sure going to be making some calls or emails to try and get some money back for this fail of a day. But regardless of that we are so lucky we got from point A to point B so that we can catch our flight to Bangkok tomorrow. So as dad said we are going to count our blessings. What funny memories from today even though I am sunburnt and feel ripped off. Nothing can be done though! 

Gas during a taxi ride??

Our hotel is super cool! The room is teeny tiny but the air conditioning is freezing which we like. 

Boxing ring in the lobby lol
Gonna fight for a free bucket?

We chilled for a bit and finally cooled down. We went right back out into the heat for supper. We went to the place I had originally wanted to go to last weekend and it was great. I finally got my sushi. 

7/11 is literally everywhere
Shrimp wontons
Dad’s feast
Deep fried bananas !

We were originally planning on going back to the crazy walking street but we were super tired after our long day in the sun. Me and my aloe vera have a hot date. We went back to the hotel and went to bed!

A tough but okay day. Looking back it wasn’t so bad and I’m sure I sound so spoiled complaining about the ferries. The only thing I hate is that we paid for Nothing, really. But I am glad that we are safe and sound in our cold room on clean beds with full bellies and that we are on the right track to catch our flight to Bangkok tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

Xoxo Hales

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