Oh My Lanta…We’re in Koh Lanta

If you ever want peace and quiet and a nice break away from life… Koh Lanta is the answer. I’ve never seen such a quiet place before.

We started the day off with packing up our stuff AGAIN. Not going to miss that part of backpacking. We went and grabbed a quick brunch then checked out and walked to the ferry pier, only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Bye bye Koh Phi Phi!! You were so wonderful to us. ♡

We got on the sketchiest ferry of life and barely got into it because the stairs were so steep and we had our huge backpacks on. It was set up so stupid. The middle aisle was so narrow so everyone with big bags had to walk all the way up to the front to drop them off. But while we were trying to walk to the front, people were also trying to walk towards the back to get to their seats.

Sketch af

It was only one hour long which wasn’t bad. The sea was calm so it was a good quick ride. We sat and waited for everyone else to struggle for their luggage and get off the boat before we went and got ours. Then we arrived in beautiful Ko Lanta!!

The pier was a bit chaotic with everyone trying to get you in their tuktuk or taxi. We only had to walk 10 minutes to our hotel so we (I) suffered through the walk with our luggage. My back hates me now but whatever, we saved some money. It was the weirdest thing though. As soon as we left the pier, the town was like a ghost town. Where are all the people!? This is definitely not like anywhere else we’ve been.

Ghost town

We found our hotel and were so pumped. This is the nicest place we have stayed yet. What a perfect way to end our island adventures in a lazy beach town with a beautiful hotel. We have a pool side room and we can walk right into the pool from our balcony. The pool is an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean.

Amazing!!!! I rested my back for a bit while dad ran to 7/11 for booze. We had a great day just swimming, drinking and listening to music. We ordered room service which was served to us in the pool. Ballerssss.

Dad really enjoyed his vodka today while I worked hard on the booze cruise blog post (it took me forever to get all those pics so enjoy them lol). We had some good chats and soaked in the quiet beach vibes. How lucky are we to enjoy this father daughter trip together! These memories will last forever.

I walked down to the ocean and found some pretty shells. The tide was really low so I walked for awhile and it was still ankle deep.

Dad swam til the pool closed at 8 and we left for town for dinner with a major shattering of the empty vodka bottle on our hotel floor and a minor cut in dad’s leg which Nurse Haleigh took care of. I finally got to put my first aid kit to use!

We walked down the “Walking Street” as it was labeled, and again, barely anyone was around. So cool!!! Complete opposite of Phuket’s insane walking street. We found an Indian/Thai restaurant owned by a really nice couple. The guy told us to order Naan bread and it was Amazing!! He made it right by the street in this oven box. The dough goes right onto the side of the oven.

Super yummy! We walked back through the dead streets. Dad wanted to high five everyone and buy everything including a monkey… his words not mine. He did end up buying a bracelet and he high fived a bunch of strangers. Very entertaining night, you guys.

When we got back to the hotel, dad went for a secret after hours swim with no one finding out and I helped the house keeper sweep up the rest of the glass in our room. We have to be up early for our snorkelling day trip in the morning so it’s an early night for us tonight as have been most of them this trip.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Xoxo Hales

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