Booze Cruise in Koh Phi Phi

Wow!! What a day! And also… wow. We drank a lot of booze today. Well that’s what you do on a booze cruise!! What a fun party today was.

We started today out with waking up and going for breakfast/lunch. It was pretty good and filled our bellies before the drinking began.

We headed to the booze cruise headquarters, Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise, and paid the rest of our fee. They put blue wristbands on us and wrote our names on our arms. We stood and waited for everyone to arrive and we made friends with a cool guy from South Africa who knew his hockey and another guy from Northern Ireland. Everyone was just buzzing and we were all excited for the day! Note: most of these pics were saved from the Bob’s Booze Cruise Facebook page and the rest are all screenshots from go pro videos.

We walked a while to the “camp bar” where we drank a bunch before heading on the boat. About 4 months ago they made a rule here in Koh Phi Phi that you can’t drink on the boat or else you have to pay a huge fine. So instead they load you up with booze and send you on a boat. We had fun at the camp bar and loaded up on drinks. I played some drinking games and did super well, being Canadian pays off I guess. All these guys were cheering me on and helping me play this game called Rage Cage which was really fun. And flip cup was also fun. It was a good way to get the day going. We met a lot of people from all over the world which was cool. And it was such a good group of people too, everyone was so nice. 

Walking to the Camp Bar
How cute are We!!

Getting a feel for Rage Cage before jumping in
Playing Flip cup

Gary on the right from South Africa had great hockey knowledge which dad appreciated!

Our first stop on the boat was Monkey Island. This was not the place for me. They give you peanuts and you walk onto the beach covered in monkeys and feed them. The big ones can get aggressive and steal food from the babies. I stayed back in the water near the boat with another girl from Canada and I threw my peanuts into the water. Well. Monkeys can swim and dive for peanuts. A couple came near me but I splashed water in their faces which is what you do to get them to go away. Dad was right into it. He was putting peanuts on top of the Go Pro and monkeys would come and grab it right off of it. Monkeys were climbing all over everyone and people just loved it. The baby monkeys were adorable. Dad really enjoyed this place and we have great go pro footage of the monkeys thanks to dad. I was perfectly happy watching from afar!

Me hiding lol

Look at the baby!!!

Next stop was a small bay where we parked the boat and went swimming and jumped off the boat. The water was so clear, it was gorgeous. Instead of wearing lifejackets like you normally would, we were shown how to put them on like diapers and sit on them which helped us float and didn’t make us feel like turtles. We swam and floated for a bit and had fun watching people attempt backflips off the boat.

So happy
Come on!!!!

Next was snorkelling! We drove to a different bay and were given snorkels and goggles. The fish were so colourful and the coral and water were so beautiful. Normally I don’t do very well with snorkelling but I actually did great and I’m happy. It was good practice for our snorkelling day trip in Koh Lanta in a couple of days.

Our last stop of the day was beautiful Maya Bay. This is a dream of mine to finally be on “The Beach” from the movie and book. We were given these water shoes to wear and had to climb through a little cave on these slippery rocks. Then we walked a bit through the jungle and FINALLY! MAYA BAY! It was so beautiful and the sun was just starting to set. We walked out into the bay and it was so secluded. Also, our group was the last ones left there so it was like we had the whole place to ourselves. Dad found a bottle and collected his sand he gets from every beach. I chilled with some people in the water while everyone told lame dad jokes. Then we took a big group shot with everyone jumping which was hilarious. We didn’t want to leave!! I could have stayed here forever.

Walking through the rocks
Through the cave

First steps in the bay

Dad searching for a bottle for sand

We climbed back through the rocks to the boats and watched the sun set as we rode back to shore. It was dark by the time we got back. We walked back to the camp bar and had more booze and food. Everyone was dancing and loving life. I talked a bit more to this Ireland guy who was really nice and also I had the best chicken nuggets ever. They were better than McDonald’s, no joke. Dad was super itchy from the salt water so we decided to tap out and go back to the hotel. We thanked everyone (especially the guides Jason, Frank and Gary) and walked back to the hotel. I think we were the first ones to leave. On the way back I was feeling all the booze. I had a quick swim, we both showered and we headed out for some dinner. I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t end up eating but dad had a good meal.  I crashed as soon as we got back to the room!

Such a fun day and it was the best way to explore the Phi Phi islands. It was so worth the money and they took pictures all day and put them up on Facebook the next morning so that we could get them. If you’re ever in Koh Phi Phi, go on Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise. You won’t be sorry!! It was the highlight of our entire trip.

Off to Koh Lanta today for some relaxing!

Xoxo Hales

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