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Gonna Pee My Pants ‘Cuz We’re in Koh Phi Phi!!

Koh Phi Phi time!!! (Pronounced pee pee). I am so pumped to see the gorgeous blue water and party it up for 2 days. Well… we probably won’t be too crazy but I plan on having some buckets of booze for sure. And we are going on a booze cruise tomorrow.

Our trip started with being picked up at 7am for the van ride from our hotel to the pier on the opposite side of the island. When I bought the ferry tickets the taxi transportation was included in the price. We picked up a couple of other people along the way and arrived at the pier. Someone put stickers on our shirts and sent us to the “second boat”. We found it and found our seats which were apparently assigned. We couldn’t read the writing on our stickers so someone who works on the ferry told us. We took our seats and they are actually really nice. It’s like a fancy airplane.

We are the second boat

Afraid of being sea sick

I was a tad nervous about getting sea sick since I’ve been getting so motion sick with the car rides here. I popped some gravol and put these weird pressure bracelets on my wrists. People started getting into their seats and I don’t really know how to explain this but the passengers on this ferry are SO annoying. I don’t know if the majority are from India or what… I can’t really tell the nationality though it doesnt matter. But they are so rude and won’t listen to the people when they tell them to stay in their seats. They walk around all over the place and they are all constantly taking selfies. Like grown ass men and they are blocking an entire aisle so they can get 10 selfies in with their selfie stick. They’re honestly worse than teenage girls. The great thing about this is that luckily no one else was sitting in our row with us so we got to spread out and have a seat in between us. I’ve honestly never seen so many people taking selfies except for a girls bathroom at a bar. Like we took one, but it was clearly for the blog’s sake. It’s so funny.

So much space!

The captain or someone came on the announcement system and he said that they open the upstairs at 9:30 so that we could go up and take pictures. He also said we are in MONSOON season so the ride is going to be rough. Great!! People came around and passed out muffins and drinks. All of dad’s Netflix shows that he downloaded were expired so he watched something on my tablet.

All of a sudden 9:30 hit and everyone completely disappeared! Every single Indian(?) man rushed upstairs and I’m not even kidding. This whole floor was empty. 

Up they go


Oh well it is much quieter now. I decided to go upstairs and see what all the fuss is about.


Not bad, the views are really nice.

View from the second floor

Dad went up to take a look. We should actually be there soon. It’s only a 1.5 hr ferry ride.

Fast forward and we arrived. It was SO hot!! We were instantly soaked in sweat, it was so gross. The view though!!! It was amazing.

Right beside the bridge

I’ve never seen water so blue!! Oh by the way, we felt fine and did not get motion sickness. Also, the boat was pretty steady so i dont think we hit any huge waves. We couldn’t see from the bottom of the boat anyway. We found the guy from our hotel holding up a sign and he carried our bags for us to the hotel. We couldn’t check in yet so we stored our bags and headed straight for the pool. Most refreshing swim of life. The pool temperature was so cold. We loved it.

View from the front of the hotel
Look at the pool!!

Sooooo nice. After about an hour and a half we checked in to our room. We have a really nice balcony.

We got settled then went on the hunt for lunch before we do the hike to the viewpoint. Dad found a place on Trip Advisor that looked good so we walked about 3 minutes and found this little dive hole in the wall basically. It was called Only Noodle and they only make Pad Thai! He make it right there on a grill and added all the sauce ingredients. It was only 80 baht each! (3$). And oh yes it was delicious.

On the way to get food

The heat was exhausting! It took all the energy in the world to step out of our air conditioned room. We kept having to go in short periods of time because it was so hot. I was drinking a bunch of water and it was pouring right out of my pores. Crazy!! We eventually made ourselves go for a walk down the beach to explore a bit. We went as far as we could go and then came back to our hotel room.

Cats everywhere
More mini pineapples!!

Dad said he wasn’t going back outside until the sun went down. I on the other hand am determined to hike to this viewpoint today. I’m gonna suck it up and bring a bunch of water for the steep climb. I know it will be worth it once I’m at the top.


Fast forward 2 hours later and HOLY COW. That was the hardest hike I’ve ever done. It was all uphill and stairs and it was 40°C with the humidity. I had to stop every 20 steps or so and take a break to drink water. Once I got to the first viewpoint, I sat for a while and considered just going back down. Then I thought… I’m only here once (maybe). I need to do this. And boy am I glad that I did!! Here are the pictures to the first viewpoint.

So many stairs
View from viewpoint #1
Just in time for sunset!

Wow!!! So. Many. Stairs. My legs were jello! I am so out of shape so this is amazing I made it this far. I sat up here for a bit and enjoyed the view. If I go up to the top I’ll make it just in time for sunset. I started the trek up to the second viewpoint. This one was even steeper and had big stairs to climb up to the very top.

I was so tired I forgot to take a picture of the other stairs. Oh well. You just want to see the sunset anyway!!

So. Sweaty.


So happy

How did you hike up here in platform sandals!?!?

Most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen

Yeah!!! How beautiful is that sunset. I’ve never experienced anything like it. The way down was very short compared to the way up. I Go Pro’d the walk down so I didn’t take any pictures.

View point #1 On the way down

I got back to the hotel and died basically. I did the whole thing in 2 hours including watching the sunset. My legs were just quivering. My fitbit said that I climbed 47 flights of stairs. Ew. I wish dad had come with me!! It was so worth it for the view. I basically fell into the cold pool and let my body temperature come back down. Dad was hungry waiting for me so I got ready right away and we went for dinner. We had a great meal and really enjoyed the restaurant.

Deep fried shrimp for me and shrimp spring rolls for dad
Curry and pineapple fried rice for dad
Carbonara pasta for me!! It was so good. No regrets

Now for the real fun…. there’s a bar here with a boxing ring in the middle of it. Sold. We got awesome seats and ordered buckets of booze for 300 baht each.

These Aussie guys beside us were hilarious. They were loaded and kept coming to talk to us and we couldn’t understand a thing they say. These 2 were the first to fight.
People walk around with these signs convincing guys to go fight
Ahahaha our Aussie friend got creamed
The real muaythai boxers fought and it was the most intense thing.
Fights happen outside the ring too

It was so entertaining. Most fun I’ve had all trip. These drunk dudes just have no fear! The real muaythai boxers were the most intense thing ever. The blue guy did this spin kick which sent the red guy down and it was basically from a movie.

Such a fun day!! Tomorrow is a big day… our booze cruise. We get to sleep in though…wahoo!!

Good night!

Xoxo Hales

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  1. Sorry didn’t have my glasses on when I typed the message above

    What I was trying to say I so enjoy your posts and videos . I feel like I’m right beside you both on this trip

    I’m going to miss your daily posts lol

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