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Phuket here we come! Or not…

We woke up at 3:30am and got ready for our 2 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket. We waited and waited for an uber to show up. Finally he showed up and was the sloooowest driver. We ended up checking in less than 45 minutes before our flight left and got to the gate 5 minutes before boarding. Whew!

First ones on the plane. High rollers buying the hot seats (emergency exit row)

We had a nice snooze on the flight and woke up in the islands! I previously hired a driver to pick us up and show us the main attractions of the island. He was waiting there for us with my name on a sign. I was so tired still so I napped in the van on the way to our first stop.

Our first thing on the list was to see Old Phuket Town. We walked around a bit and enjoyed the colourful buildings.

Next stop was the huge temple in Phuket, Wat Chalong.

They were setting off firecrackers and it was so loud!!

Then we went up the mountain to see the Big Buddha!! And wow was it ever big! There was a gorgeous view of Phuket from up there and we could hear monks praying. 

It was big!! We didn’t climb the stairs because it was so hot and we didn’t have water! Next we stopped up on the mountain and had a yummy lunch.

Our next place to go was Chalong Bay Rum Distillery…. but this didn’t work out. They weren’t open until 2 for a tour and it was only noon so we decided to skip it. It didn’t look that great anyways.

On to the following destination! Promthem Cape… the southern tip of the island! It was a gorgeous view.

A postcard view!!!

Very pretty! We kept the nice ocean views going and stopped at the Karon Viewpoint. I climbed the steps to the top while dad watched lol


Okay! Done exploring for the day! We drove to the hotel, paid the driver and checked in to our room. The hotel is nice but the area is a little sketch. Although we think all of Phuket is sketch sooooo…

Balcony view

Not too bad! Outside the hotel every other storefront is a massage parlor with like 6 trashy ladies calling at you. Some businesses have “No sex” written on the doors. We are not in Kansas anymore! Phuket is nuts. I’m anticipating what we will run into tonight when we go out. Once we checked in, we immediately went down the street and dropped our laundry off and paid for the express service so it would be done today. Instead of 50 baht per kilo we paid 100 baht but we needed it because we didn’t have any clean undies left! While we were waiting we went for a swim in the rooftop pool. I worked on the last blog post and dad watched “Big Trouble in Thailand” episodes on YouTube… hopefully not a prelude of tonight!!

We went and picked up our laundry and it was folded and ironed!

We organized our clothes and got ready to go out for dinner. We found a close by place on Trip Advisor with good reviews and walked 5 minutes to the restaurant. On the way there we probably passed by 30 restaurants and every single one had someone throwing a menu at you and trying to convince you to eat at their place. We passed by some really yummy seafood.

By now I was really craving some shrimp so that’s what I got! BBQ prawns and pad thai. Believe it or not this was our first time having pad Thai this trip!

So good! Eurothai was the name of the restaurant. It was delicious. We kept walking and the night life here is so crazy. For one, there are bars and restaurants everywhere. We headed to Bangla Road, the walking street full of bars.

It was insane!!! All of a sudden we hit a wall of people who all had Ping Pong show signs yelling about them. Scantily clad women were all along the streets and we had to dodge our way through them. It was hilarious.

Then another wall and all of the bars had girls dancing on the bars. All of them had clothes on though! We ended up being lured into a cool bar where the guy was singing a U2 song. He was so good. We sat and listened to probably 5 or 6 songs while we had a drink. They sang Tina Turner, Pink Floyd, Guns and Roses, Hotel California and more. They were so good. We finished our drinks and the girls kept coming up to get us to order more but they were so expensive we ended up leaving. I could have listened to the band all night, though. On our walk home we heard another really good band.

We had a really really good sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. We FaceTimed with mom (dad got to watch the end of the jets game) and I facetimed with Brooke (and her cats).

So that’s been Phuket so far! Today we are going to the beach!

Xoxo Hales

Watch the video I made here!

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