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Beach Day in Phuket

Time to head to the Beach!!

It’s crazy knowing that even though this beach here in Phuket is really nice, that tomorrow we will be in the bluest water ever in Koh Phi Phi. The water here at Patong is really nice too just not as clear as it will be. I have no complaints though. This is gorgeous right here.

We walked not even 5 minutes from our hotel to Patong Beach. We were unsure of how it worked here like if we had to rent a beach chair or what. I had a back up plan just in case- a beach club down the road. We strategized that if we had to pay to use the public beach, we may as well just go to the nice beach club instead.

Banana pineapple mango shake!!
Speedos everywhere blocking my great view

We sat in some loungers and ordered a coke and a smoothie. Once they came we were asked for 100 baht each for the chair plus the drinks. Oh and also we forgot our towels back at the hotel. Stupid me. We ended up just buying the drinks and we walked down the beach to the Kudo Beach Club. (We usually go to beach clubs in Mexico because it’s clean, there’s drink service and it’s right by the ocean with lounge chairs.) This beach club was great. We didn’t have to pay for the chair. All we had to do was buy drinks which we were planning on doing anyway. I also rented a towel. The cheapest drinks were draft Chang beer for 100 baht so we just drank cold beer all day and it was great. We also got to use the pool here for free.

A view of the beach club. The pool was behind the chairs
Quite the view
Dad can’t handle all my selfies 😂 it was for Instagram

First steps into the ocean

The water looks green from the go pro

We had a super relaxing day. I went in the ocean 5 times and we ordered some American food. Prices were high but we were loving the location. I could literally just swim in the ocean forever. The sand was so smooth, the water was  clear and the rolling of the waves is addicting. You just lay there and let it float you around. Unfortunately we didn’t have anyone to watch our stuff so one of us had to stay at our chair with our belonging while the other one went swimming in the ocean or pool. We just did quick cool downs though… well except me. I stayed in the ocean for awhile.

Not very good pizza

It was so hot (37°C) and a huge party was starting at the beach club so we headed back to the hotel to cool down and have a rest. On the way back we got some rolled ice cream. I got strawberry, mango and almond. Dad got chocolate banana strawberry.

We watched some TV and enjoyed the air conditioning while we planned where to go for dinner. Dad ended up having a nap and I caught up on my favourite travel vloggers videos. Even though we were in the shade for most of the day, we both got some sun. No sunburns but some definite colour. I have to be very cautious this week with my sunscreen. It’s amazing how the energy levels drop as soon as the heat rises! I’ve been chugging water all evening.

We found a restaurant that I wanted to try that also had sushi because let’s be honest, how can I go more than 3 weeks without sush? We walked down the street and haggled for a tuktuk. The tuktuks here are much different than we are used to. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Hotel California blasted the whole way there. Once we got our menus I realised that this was the wrong place. This place was packed and the food looked great, but no sushi on the menu. We were at No. 9 Restaurant and I wanted No. 9 2nd Restaurant. How the hell is that possible! Oh well. The food here was super yummy and I got shrimp again 🙂

Gyoza dumplings
Chicken satay
My VERY garlicky shrimp
Curry for dad
How cool is This!!!

Very yummy. Sorry for all the food pictures but there wasn’t a whole lot of other content for the blog today. We took another tuktuk with loud music back to the hotel, enjoyed the sights of crazy Phuket night life and packed up our backpacks once again. That’s the only annoying thing about changing locations so often is unpacking and packing our packs so often.

We are being picked up at 7am to go to the pier on the opposite side of the island then will be taking a ferry to Koh Phi Phi!! To the party island!

Have a great day everyone!

Xoxo Hales

If you want to watch the video I made from our time in Phuket, click here.

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