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Travel Day to Cambodia

Yo yo yo

Last night in Hanoi we had some last yummy spring rolls…maybe the 5th time we had them!? We walked around in some shops near our hotel and a lady walked up to dad and dressed him up. I took a picture then she tried getting money for it! No way lady… thanks for the pic though.

We went to bed early because we had to be up at 5 for our flights today. Oh and it’s my birthday today 🙂 going to be a long boring travel day but Siem Reap awaits us! I’m sad to leave Vietnam but I can’t wait to see what our next stop has in store.

We drove to the Hanoi airport in a beautiful SUV, dad’s uber birthday present to me was riding in style. Our first flight of the day was to Bangkok. We grabbed some Burger King in the Vietnam airport which was actually really good, and boarded our plane. Lucky us, there was no one else in our row so we got to spread out for the 2 hour flight!

Happy birthday to me!
Somewhere over Thailand
Landing in Bangkok

Our next flight to Siem Reap was delayed so we took our time going to our gate. I grabbed some gross Subway and we chilled by our gate for an hour or so.

Oh hey

The flight to Siem Reap was only 1 hour. We got lucky again and had the whole row to ourselves! I’m super excited to go to Cambodia and see a whole new culture. Angkor Wat is going to be absolutely amazing and everyone I have talked to so far on this trip says that it is unreal. The flight was short and sweet! The customs and immigration line not so much. It probably took 45 minutes to get our visas and then go through immigration. There were SO many people in there and it cost us 30$ US for the visa. They must have made a lot of money. When we got our luggage we walked outside and there were probably 60 guys standing there with signs for pickup. I had to find my name and it took me a bit but this adorable smiley young Cambodian guy took our luggage and drove us to our hotel in a little tuktuk!

Landing in Siem Reap
Walking off the plane
Customs/immigration line!!
Hard to find your tuktuk driver in this mess
How cute !!!

Action shot

We got to our hotel and it was like being in the jungle. They had a little snack for us and our room was huge ! A huge stone tub but the beds feel rock hard. We immediately went for a swim as it was hella humid and the pool is SO nice. A beautiful infinity pool with a waterfall! I’ll try and take a picture tomorrow during the day time because I forgot. 

After our swim we took a tuktuk to Pub Street and it was so much fun! As soon as we got there, we saw carts selling scorpions, snakes, and tarantulas to eat. Dad didn’t even hesitate and ate a scorpion and a spider. He enjoyed them and I have it on video of him eating them. 1$ US each. The little kid that helped us was adorable and was a great little salesman. 

We walked around the night market and enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful items for sale. I got a fresh pineapple banana smoothie for $1 US and I bought 2 pairs of elephant pants for $9 US (they don’t fit me though 😡). 

Our next stop was dinner at a street food restaurant. We had draft beer for 50 cents a glass! I ordered shrimp and noodles. Dad had crocodile steak and frog legs!! He was very adventurous tonight !

Crocodile steak
Frog legs

Our entire bill was 13$ US!! For dessert I got a banana chocolate fries pancake and dad got this really cool rolled ice cream.

Rolled ice cream
Chocolate banana pancake

These little guys are all over our hotel

We had a lot of fun exploring the market and plan on coming back tomorrow night when we have more time. We hired a tuktuk to take us back to the hotel, and he brought us to the wrong one at first. Turns out there are two hotels in Siem Reap with one word being different. When we got to the right one, we had another quick swim and then dropped our laundry off at the front desk so they can wash it and have it ready by tomorrow afternoon. We are being picked up at 4:20am to go see the sunrise over Angkor Wat so it’s off to bed for us!!! OH and these beds are the worst ever but we would rather have cold air than a soft mattress.

Night everyone!

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