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29 Hours of Travelling

And we’re off!!!

Way too tired for this shit

Time to start this journey. Thursday I flew to Winnipeg to meet my dad, mom and sister. We went to Olive Garden for our “last supper” and stayed in a hotel by the airport. Friday morning we woke up at 3:45am (ewww), said goodbye to momma/wifey (I won’t post the picture of her crying lol poor mom) and flew to Vancouver where we had a 6.5 hour layover. Pretty gross and rainy but we managed to take the Sky train to the waterfront with our carry-on bags in tow!

The skytrain was great, it brought us right down to the waterfront and was very easy to use. The rain however was definitely sad as our view of the water was a bit obstructed. Also, my shoes and socks got wet so that wasn’t fun! Oh and I left my damn umbrella in my checked bag.

So easy
Sad that the clouds were so low

The coolest thing we saw during our layover was the Olympic Cauldron! Great selfie location as per Dad.

The Olympic Cauldron
Excuse my hair. I blame the rain and being awake at 3:45am
Had to risk my life for this shot sneaking across a huge line of people getting on a ferry
Feels like Toronto

It was really nice to walk around and stretch our legs before the long flights ahead of us. We sat and had some last Tim Hortons for awhile and ate lunch before finding our way back to the airport. We almost got on the wrong train but a nice man directed us to where we should go.

We arrived back at the Vancouver airport and while we were gasping in our final breaths of fresh clean air, the god damn sun came out.

Such a tease

Going through security was actually quick…this airport is so pro at moving thousands of people.

The congested security line

We found our gate and chilled for a couple of hours. Much to Dad’s joy and happiness, he found a very comfortable spot with his favourite/obsessed-with channel of CNN playing. You can see how happy he is in this picture.

Trying to forget about the 11 hour flight that’s next

Our plane arrived (IT’S HUGE) and our crew showed up. How beautiful are the flight attendants!?!?!? I can’t get over how gorgeous they look.

Hard to see but full makeup and chopsticks in their hair

The flight to Seoul was 11 hours. When we sat down we had a pillow, blanket, bottle of water, headphones, slippers and a toothbrush waiting for us. By hour 3 I was losing it. And then all of a sudden we only had 3 hours left and we had no idea where the other 8 went. The plane is so big, 3 x 4 x 3 across and there is 2 floors!!! Had two really good meals, also some spicy Ramen and we could ring for drinks whenever we wanted. I may have had a couple white wines to reduce my anxiety. The seats were comfortable, but sitting for that long would drive anyone crazy. We were really hoping to have the 3 seat row to ourselves but a kid was beside me in the window seat; being in the middle was uncomfortable and dad hated sitting in the aisle cuz apparently I didn’t give him room blab blah blah. Our touch screens in front of us were cool. We followed the plane the whole way…flew over Alaska and Russia and Japan and China. We had movies music and games. Even a little remote control for video games. There was CNN but it didn’t work the whole time for poor dad. Every so often we got up and stretched. We did 2 laps around the plane about half way through. I only dozed off for 20 minutes the whole flight! It was hard to get comfortable. The flight ended up being more like 12 hours. We were delayed in the air because of congestion in China. Once you see the pictures of the Seoul airport you will understand the congestion lol. We basically ran through this huge airport and had to go through security and arrived at our gate in the nick of time. We only had time to stop for a quick pee break. I was hoping we would have time to freshen up and brush our teeth, put deodorant on etc because at this point we were awake for 26 hours with barely any napping in between. It was 5:00am back home and 7:00pm the next day here. Here are some pictures of the long flight experience and the crazy Seoul airport.

Not bad for leg room
Our cool 3D touch screen map. We could also see the view from the cockpit
Leaving Vancouver
The meals were so good
Salmon salad and everything
Even though it was bright out the whole flight, they still kept the windows closed and kept it dark the whole flight
Landing in Korea
We feel and look like shit after the 12 hour flight
Thank God for moving sidewalks
Like what

The second flight was nice and quick in comparison, 6 hours. We slept for most of it and had a second Dinner! We weren’t even hungry actually. We landed in Bangkok, went through customs, our backpacks were there!!!!! And then Dad got a SIM card.

Our second flight route

We got an uber to the hotel and it was only 12$ CAD for a 45 minute drive. Then we got a free upgrade to a junior suite with an amazing view!! We are only on the 38th floor of 88.

Watching the lightning

We weren’t even tired at this point even though it was 1:30am here. We went to the store in the lobby and bought 2 huge 2L of water, a bottle of vodka, 2 diet cokes and it was only 300 baht, or 12$ CAD!! The bag of ice was 1 baht, like 30 cents not even. We slept for 4 hours and woke up before our alarm even. Off we go to explore the city!!

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